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  • Welcome to Taizhou Longhua Technology Co., Ltd.(Linhai Longling Chemical Factory)!
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    About Us

      Taizhou Longhua Technology Co., Ltd.(Linhai Longling Chemical Factory) is a manufacturer of national new product "PF-01" series high-quality and new-model PF-01 coatings, including, patented product PVC Yingdan coatings, patented product PVC fluorine-containing Yingdan coatings, PF high chlorinated polyethylene fluorine-containing Yingdan coatings, PVC fluorine-coating coatings, epoxy type, chlorinated rubber type, polyurethane type, and high-temperature resistant coatings, and environmentally-friendly latex coatings for exterior and interior wall, vinyl chloride Yingdan fireproof anticorrosive coatings, and other more than 30 varieties of products, etc. The company has advanced technology, sophisticated technique, efficient equipment, and professional research, production and construction teams. The production capacity of coating is 5,000T/A, output of patented product Yingdan (F·P·Fe) is 250T/A.
      Our famous-brand product PF-01 series PVC fluorine-containing coating, PVC Yingdan coating, and PVC fluorine-containing Yingdan coating have been evaluated as national new products and national torch projects, have won "national new product certificate", "national torch project certificate", international and domestic gold award for corrosion prevention technique, and have been rated as "well-known product" and "well-known trademark".

      The company strictly implements ISO9001-2000 System. The company insists on enterprise tenet of talent is fundamental, technology is basis, quality is life, service is center, and on quality policy of 100% product percent of pass, and 100% customer satisfaction.

      Our products have been applied in anti-corrosion projects of medium and large enterprises in more than 20 provinces and cities. Practice has proven that our corrosion protective technique occupies advanced level in the world. Based on excellent product and favorable credit, the company is highly praised by clients. The enterprise observes contracts and values credit, and it has self-managerial import and export rights of materials. We would like to cooperate with you for creating bright future.